Kiosk concepts with Sephra
Chocolate fountains have been used with a phenomenal success as a food offering at buffet restaurants. The reasoning for there success is due to the attractive and entertaining presentation they provide, whilst being a low cost dessert option. The expansion of food service concessions, which use chocolate fountain as a centrepiece has been a revelation in the chocolate fountain industry. By using chocolate from chocolate fountains to coat fresh fruit, bakery and confectionery items it creates a high margin fast food vending solution that has spread worldwide.

Using a combination of fountains within a kiosk or buffet restaurant enables you to use the three main chocolate flavours, (milk, dark and white). The most popular combination of chocolate fountains includes the CF44R CF34R and CF27R.

Renting and Banqueting
An entertaining and cost effective way of serving large numbers of guests with delicious and spectacular treats. Sephra commercial chocolate fountains have been extremely successful at buffets, weddings and general banqueting. The chocolate fountain rental industry has boomed as caterers and entrepreneurs have invested in equipment. Hotels and restaurants have also seen themselves investing in the equipment enabling them to offer the service directly.

Wherever you use a chocolate fountain, it adds another dimension to your business. Either providing another source of revenue, or being a very cost effective, engaging way to serve a great number of people easily. With an almost endless list of edible items that can be dipped in chocolate, there is no limit to what you can offer to your customers.

Waffle / Crepe Maker Business Concepts

Kiosk – Chocolate Shops – Buffet
Offering an unbelievably high profit margin for any catering business, waffle bakers are the new finger food treat. The extensive range of machines that Sephra offer will cater for a variety of business, such as restaurants, cafes, kiosks and buffets. An exciting new concept called the “waffle on a stick” has recently spread world wide, hitting kiosks with huge success as customers have the ability to walk away with beautifully cooked waffles they can eat easily with no mess.

Accessories and Supplies
All the accessories needed to make golden brown waffles are available on our online store. Whether require supplies in order to make your beautifully cooked waffles or wish to display waffles in a hygienic and organised manner, Sephra have everything you could possibly require. Sephra waffle and crepe ready mix is not only one of our most popular waffle supplies, but it is also a key accessory that Sephra would recommend to any waffle making business. It comes in convenient 3 kg bags and produces delicious, sweet smelling waffles.


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