Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls Molded from Real Human Skeletons

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls Molded from Real Human Skeletons

Although it may not feel like it, Autumn is around the corner. And with the nip in the air that October brings, is also the realization that Halloween is coming up. For those who love to carve their pumpkins and strewn their porches with fake cobwebs, they can add a new decoration this year: a chocolate skull molded from a real human cranium.

The life-sized skull, created by Etsy seller Black Chocolate Co. is made out of 100% Belgian chocolate, using a mold cast from a human skull, making the chocolate entirely anatomically correct. The sellers mention on their page that the item makes the perfect Halloween gift (kind of like a creepier version of chocolate eggs for Easter), but it also will last as a piece of artwork to sit on the mantle. Says the Etsy site:

[It] will be edible for up to 6 months when kept in a cool, dry area. If you just want to display it, it will practically keep forever (we have one kept in a glass box on our book case). As these skulls are hand cast, individual and unique, each will show differing characteristics (the skull shown with the cracked brow, for example) and we feel that this adds to each skull’s individual charm.

Indeed, one reviewer of the product agreed with that statement, saying they couldn’t bear to eat it because of the beauty and craftmanship, so now it sits “under a glass dome next to our mummified bat”.


Black Chocolate Co. offer up the skulls in dark, milk, chilli and caramel chocolates. Each skull is handcast, showing different characteristics of the mold. They are then finished with a dusting of fine cocoa powder.

With that said, any showing signs of moulding defects are of course melted down and recast. Some skulls may show evidence of what could appear to be mould, but in actual fact this is chocolate bloom, or ‘blooming’, an inherent part of the casting process which does not affect the chocolate in any way (and only adds to the skull’s gnarly, ‘fresh from the ground’ look).

It is a skull worthy of a Hamlet monologue – but the question becomes, to eat or not to eat?

Black Chocolate Co.

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