Chocolate LEGO Bricks Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and the Nerd in You!

Chocolate LEGO Bricks Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and the Nerd in You!

Our favorite building block is now edible! Japanese artist Akihiro Mizuuchi has transformed the familiar LEGO bricks into a culinary treat with chocolate pieces that are actually fully functioning! LEGO lovers can now nibble while they build white, milk or dark chocolate sculptures.

The modular system offers a new way for building LEGO masterpieces – as well as a new way to indulge your sweet tooth! Mizzuchi’s molds pay incredible attention to detail, including the block’s signature circular nubs and underside grooves that allow the pieces to lock together. The plastic molds look a little like a Battleship board, with a grid of circular wells that become the pieces.

The molds are also easy to use: simply heat chocolate of any variety until it melts, then pour the liquid into the mold. A few hours in the refrigerator, and the pieces can be popped out and used like any LEGO piece.  LEGO super fans can even add variety beyond the flavors of chocolate by adding food coloring to make more realistic pieces. The flexible molds also allow for different sized blocks, including two-by-two pieces, singular rows, and tiny one-unit LEGOs.

With your DIY chocolate LEGOs, you can build anything your heart desires – animals, skyscrapers or abstract sculptures. Endless creative building is at your finger tips, at least until your hunger takes over and your masterpiece becomes dessert!

Akihiro Mizuuchi

by Lori Zimmer

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