Mondays made better with Sephra

They’re cute, fun and tasty, but the best thing about them is their versatility.

Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or Easter, Cake Pops have been turning up everywhere. They’re at birthday parties, school functions and weddings. Even the monster coffee chain Starbucks have jumped on the trend and began to sell the sweet treat.

Now with the holiday season approaching fast, many consumers will be out sourcing cake pops or creating cake pops themselves with home bakers. They’re going to be a very popular snack for consumers this holiday season.

There are those who think that the cake pop could overtake cupcakes as the next big dessert trend. Dipped and decorated any way they wish it’s understandable that businesses such as Starbucks are selling them. Imagine what you could do, with an amazing profit margin along with them being new and exciting, they’re sure to be a hit.

“Decorating them is the best part of the process”

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