A life-size extravaganza to rival Charlie’s beloved Chocolate Factory is bound for Singapore.

Fantasia By Escribà

Move over Willy Wonka. A life-size extravaganza to rival Charlie’s beloved Chocolate Factory is bound for Singapore. Sweet lovers will be in seventh heaven when they visit this confectionery wonderland on 22 – 24 August at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

It’s been dreamed up by the world famous pastry chef team of Christian Escribà (among other things he created a giant teddy bear from 40,000 chocolate bon-bons in Europe) and Patricia Schmidt (created wearable chocolate hats for race day at Ascot). Together they are bringing this fantasy world – a place to taste, explore and retreat from 21 century – to Singapore.

Fantasia By Escribà

“Small moments of happiness that create unforgettable moments.”

It’s fair to say Fantasìa by Escribà will be the world’s first-ever experiential extravaganza and fantasy world made almost entirely of chocolate, sugar and pastries. In the words of Christian, himself a fourth general pastry chef who runs the 107 years old Barcelona icon Pasteleria Escribà “we have a vision to create something like when we were kids”.

Highlights at the event will include a magical entrance – with candy floss clouds, and a two metre high full moon made of confectionery, complete with blinking eyes; a real life Baobab tree with real chocolate mint leaves, surrounded by life-sized safari animals fashioned out of chocolate, meringue and sugar elements; an eight-metre tall, multi-tiered cake and a luxury boutique to buy beautiful shoes and caramel rings, all edible. Let’s not forget the six metre giraffe and eight metre Merlion. Visitors have four hours to see and taste it all.

We think this show will be a sell-out – not only because you get to taste as you go, interact with actors and watch performances but because you can learn too – at chocolate, sugar fondant, caramel and pastry master classes. There will be over 30 confection masterpieces of varying shapes and sizes spread across an exhibition space equivalent to two soccer pitches.

Fantasia By Escribà sets world record with 8.5m chocolate fountain

Chocoholics rejoice! Now you can get a taste of the world’s tallest chocolate fountain at confectionery theatrical production, Fantasìa by Escribà.

Standing at a massive 8.5-metres, Callebaut Falls with its cascading luscious liquid dark chocolate is more than twice the height of a double-decker bus. Made with four tonness of chocolate, Callebaut Falls made its entry into the Guinness World Record books on Thursday after beating the previous record of 8 metres.

Callebaut Falls is just one of 23 masterpieces featured across eight pavilions at Fantasìa, the world’s first confectionery theatre extravaganza, at Marina Bay Sands. Other highlights include a zoo of life-size confectionery animals and a 3-metre tall macaron Eiffel tower.

While these cannot be eaten, visitors can taste other sweet treats and even purchase mini masterpieces such as sugar flowers and chocolate shoes.

During the show, visitors will be treated to performances and acrobatic feats by one of Europe’s most famous theatre groups, Comediants, who will roam around the wonderland. There are also masterclasses and an adults-only show, Midnight@Fantasia, featuring DJs from Ibiza and go-go dancers.

What to expect at Fantasia by Escribà in Singapore

Fantasia by Escriba

Turn your chocolaty dreams into reality

Fantasia by Escribà is the world’s first confectionery theatre extravaganza that will turn your chocolaty dreams into reality. If you think Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory only existed in the Hollywood’s computer graphics department, you’re wrong.

You will go through a spectacular pastry journey, shocking and satisfying your senses with a veritable zoo of life-size edible animals, a 5 meter tall multi tiered wedding cake and a rendition of Barcelona’s iconic La Ramblas shopping to name a few.

The ornaments and the constant theatrical performances were so engaging, goosebumps surfaced a few times. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will not want to miss.

It is a great opportunity for all who want to relive your childhood in a sophisticated way.

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