Sephra CF34-44RC Highly Polished Convertible Chocolate Fountain


With our new combination version you can either use the CF34-44RC HP (Highly Polished) Chocolate Fountain in the 5 tier 44” (112cm) or 3 tier 34” (86cm) assembly. The CF34-44RC HP Chocolate Fountain can hold up to 10Kg of chocolate, which will serve approx 300 guests.

The CF34-44RC Chocolate Fountain is the perfect solution for scaling to individual event needs such as weddings, functions, parties and also for cafe and restaurant use. It features a removable bowl which melts the chocolate in the base of the Chocolate Fountain meaning that there is no need for a separate chocolate melter or having to pre-melt your chocolate in a microwave. So if you have a slightly smaller event, simply remove the extension parts to convert the CF34-44RC HP Chocolate Fountain to a 34″ unit, which will run on only 5.4Kg of chocolate whilst still having a capacity of 10Kg.

Carry Case for the Sephra CF34-44RC Highly Polished Convertible Chocolate Fountain

Carry Cases included with the CF34-44RC Highly Polished Convertible Fountain.

CF34-44RC Base Unit Carry Case
230v / 820 Watts / 50Hz
Minimum Chocolate – 5.4 Kg / 6.3Kg
Maximum Chocolate – 10 Kg
Height – 44″ / 112cm or 34″ / 86cm
Width – 18.5″ / 47cm
5 Year Limited Warranty
Up to a 1500 Hour Service Interval
Net Weight Base – 25Kg
Net Weight Tier Set – 22Kg
Carry Cases Included
Box 1: 55cm x 55cm x 49cm
Box 2: 47cm x 92cm x 31cm


Sephra are the most recognised and trusted name in Commercial Chocolate Fondue Fountains, Waffle Bakers, Crepe Makers, Popcorn and Donut Equipment and Ingredients throughout the world. As pioneers in the chocolate fountain industry, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the highest quality, easiest to use, longest lasting chocolate fountains at the most affordable price. We know our customers need professional fountains they can depend on, which is why we proudly offer the best chocolate fountain warranty in the industry.

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