Big Night Out band

Sephra has boosted the coffers of a local cancer charity to the tune of £3,000.

The company donated the four-figure sum to Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Kirkcaldy at a fundraiser held at The Duchess in the charity’s honour.

Managing Director David Archer and wife Cathryn helped to raise a further £3,500 by performing as part of their long-running wedding band, Big Night Out.

Thanks to ticket sales donated by The Duchess and a raffle held on the night, the event has given Maggie’s a total cash injection of £6,500.

Alas, Big Night Out’s final set was bittersweet as it was the band’s last ever performance. Its members have since retired after 28 years playing local gigs and weddings.

The sell-out event marked the 10th annual fundraiser held by keen Maggie’s supporters Alistair and Joanne Cameron.

Alistair has hailed the support for Maggie’s as “incredible”. He was previously a founding member of the cancer charity’s fundraising board.

Talking to the Fife Free Press, he said: “There are so many supporters of Maggie’s that are always keen to have a night out.

“Huge thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket – and David and Cathryn from Sephra as well.

“Thank you also to everyone who came along. £6,500 isn’t a small amount.

“It was an amazing night; the atmosphere was great right from the very start. It was a real, feel-good atmosphere.

“It was Big Night Out’s last gig, so people were there to see them and support the event.

“There were a lot of Maggie’s supporters who come along every year regardless of who is playing.”

The money raised by Sephra and friends will help support people with cancer and their families in Fife.

It will help to ensure they can access free services such as information, events and talking therapy.

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