Create your own ice cream cones with the Sephra Ice Cream Waffle Maker.

 A great asset to any kiosk, ice cream shop or buffet restaurant.
Sephra ice cream cones

Making your very own waffle ice cream cones couldn’t be easier with the Sephra Ice Cream Cone Waffle Baker and our waffle and crepe ready mix. Simply add water to the waffle mix and then make golden brown, great tasting ice cream cones. Pour the mixture onto the Sephra ice cream cone waffle baker and shut the iron. Remember, home made ice cream waffles don’t have to be perfectly circular and in general, over-cooked waffle cones taste better and stay crispy longer than under-cooked ones.

The waffle should be rolled immediately after removing them from the waffle baker otherwise they will be prone to cracking during rolling. They are extremely hot when they come out the baker, so you make wish to use a towel to assist in rolling, however if you do it quickly you can roll by hand.

Once you’ve rolled your waffle, hold the seal in place, and gently press the tip of the cone to crimp the end to prevent against dripping ice cream. Now you have the perfect home made ice cream cone to fill and decorate as you wish. 

Unique home made edible items like ice cream cones will add an extra edge to your business. Not only do they taste and look great, but if you were to use the Sephra waffle ready mix they will also give you a fantastic profit margin. 

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