Commercial and Domestic Chocolate Fountains

Sephra Chocolate Fountains

Ever since the beginning of Sephra in 2003, we have made it our goal to produce the best performing chocolate fountains in the world. In order to make the finest chocolate fountains in the industry, we have paid attention to the smallest of details to ensure Sephra chocolate fountains will function for many years.

Features on our chocolate fountains which you wont find on competitor models include our patented tier design and whisper quiet motor.

The Sephra tier design allows you to drop the tiers to the exact location of the centre tube easily, and keeps them completely level. Our competitors tier design includes rubber bands, which run down the centre tube. The bands hold the tiers in place the problem with this design however, is having the ability to level the bands so the chocolate flows over the tier completely. Also imagine retrieving the elastic bands off the centre column when it has been covered in chocolate.

The tallest commercial chocolate fountain in the world stands at an amazing 137 cm. The Sephra CF54RC chocolate fountain also has the unique ability to convert into two smaller fountains. This is perfect for businesses such as rental businesses, which will have a variety of different events. The CF54RC will cater for all these events, enabling the user to change the fountain size depending on the event size.

With an unparalleled level of experience we pride ourselves on our high standards of pre and post sales support. No matter what advice is required, we are on hand every step of the way.

The standard to high quality domestic chocolate fountains the range of fountains we provide cover a variety of needs. Whether you are looking for a chocolate fountain to give as a gift, or your holding a party and wish to dazzle your guests with a warm flowing curtain of chocolate, Sephra will amaze you with there high quality standards.

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