Decorated Marshmallows – Easy to make, fantastic looking party treats.

Decorated Marshmallows

Make your very own decorated marshmallow pops for your special occasion couldn’t be simpler. Firstly you’ll need the ingredients. Chunky barbeque style marshmallows
chocolate and sticks.

Firstly prepare your marshmallows, skewer three large chunky marshmallows onto each skewer. Once you have the desired amount of marshmallow pops, you should then prepare separate plates with decorations, this can be sprinkles, coconut, chocolate curls, mixed nuts, coloured balls etc.

Once you have your decorations ready, its time to melt your chocolate (if you purchase Sephra Belgian Chocolate, our 907g bag is microwavable) pour your melted chocolate into a bowl and start dipping.

Dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate, making sure that all the marshmallows are completely covered. When the marshmallows have been coated, gently tap the stick to remove the excess, if necessary twirl the pop (upside down) several times to remove quickly.

Now roll your chocolate covered marshmallows into your selected topping. After you have your desired effect, pop them into some floral foam so the chocolate can dry without any dents.

Have some fun tonight and make a inexpensive beautiful treat.

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