Gear up for Valentine’s Day with this lipstick… chocolate!

Gear up for Valentine’s Day with this lipstick… chocolate!

At a glance, these lipsticks look like any other you can find at your local chemist. However, this Valentine’s Day, you can buy a whole set of them for your loved one and watch them chomp down on these deliciously colourful lipstick-shaped chocolates!

Although in Japan the ladies are supposed to give men chocolates on Valentine’s Day instead of the other way around, who says you can’t get a box for your best friends or, guys, stock up in preparation for White Day? Besides, these are so adorable that there’s no reason your man can’t enjoy a good box of lipsticks too!


Gear up for Valentine’s Day with this lipstick… chocolate!

Produced by Kyoto Century Hotel’s fancy sweets boutique joie joue, this series of Cosme Chocolates are out to melt your heart – and in your mouth! First in the lineup are the aforementioned edible lipsticks. At 2,160 yen (£12), you get a box set of five flavours: matcha green tea, sweet chocolate, orange, strawberry and white chocolate. It seems a little pricey to me for the tiny bits of ganache chocolate, but you get to keep the plastic lipstick holders, so if you’re up for the challenge you can probably recycle those and recreate your own lipstick chocolates… maybe.

Gear up for Valentine’s Day with this lipstick… chocolate!

If you want to send some kisses along with the lipstick, they also sell this super-kawaii and fashionable set of a lipstick along with three chocolate lips in passion fruit, orange and framboise flavors. You can see how much work has gone into these as the colours of the lips seem to resemble real lipstick colours exactly. At just 1,458 yen (£8), this is a little more affordable than the lipstick set.

Things don’t stop with the lipsticks, either! For the first time, joie joue will release a cute set of bonbon chocolates based on nail-art as well. These cute little things, aptly named “Coffret du Chocolat” (little boxes of chocolate), come in either white or dark chocolate sets. The white chocolate flavours are framboise, orange, rum, passion fruit and sakura, while the dark chocolate flavours include framboise, orange and passion fruit. Although the five-piece set comes at 1,728 yen (£9.60), you can grab a smaller three-piece set at just 1,188 yen (£6.60) if you’re on a budget.


Gear up for Valentine’s Day with this lipstick… chocolate!

But if shelling out more than 1,000 yen for chocolates is against your policy, you can also grab one of these dainty palet chocolates for an affordable 324 yen (£1.80). I don’t know about you, but this sure looks like heaven to me.

If I had these around, I would probably be abandoning my annual last-minute chocolate making scramble. If you’re lucky enough to purchase any of these beautiful cosmetic chocolates, let us know!

Hayashi ‘Fang’ Hougi

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