The Rotary Donut Maker

The Rotary Donut Maker

The Rotary Donut Maker, designed for customer facing counter top use, is perfect to add a touch of theatre to your food service business.

Producing up to 150 full size donuts per hour it’s the ideal addition to a coffee shop, café or chocolate lounge / kiosk. With high profit margins of 80 – 90% available, the Sephra Rotary Donut Maker is a great income generator.

The unique rotary design cuts down on counter surface space and oil requirements compared to larger alternatives.

Sephra’s Rotary Donut Maker is simple to use and clean. Making fresh donuts couldn’t be easier.


4.5Kg Capacity Hopper
150 per hour capability
Cook Time: 1min 50secs
Temperature: 50C – 200C
Supply: 2.1Kw 230v
Dimensions: H: 585mm W: 555mm D: 485mm
Weight: 33.3 Kg.
Oil Required: 35-50mm, Maximum Volume 5ltrs
Shipping / DIM Weight: 33 kg

Sephra Luxury Mix

Sephra Luxury Mix is in a convenient 3kg bag.
All you need is water for this simple and easy recipe.
3Kg of Sephra’s Luxury Mix will make approximately 150 Donuts.

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