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Sephra have offices in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America, from these facilities we supply goods and services across the globe on both a direct basis, as well as through a network or accredited distributors.

Choco Lithuania

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our distributors – Choco Lithuania. With the never ending growth and success within the catering equipment market, Sephra Europe have proven to be the leading supplier of high quality commercial equipment, providing a range of commercial and domestic products to our established and trusted distributors.

Catering Equipment Expansion

Commercial Chocolate Fountains As pioneers in the chocolate fountain industry, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the highest quality, easiest to use and longest lasting chocolate fountains.

Commercial Waffle Makers Sephra have a range of high quality professional waffle makers. Manufactured in Europe, our extensive variety of commercial waffle makers are widely recognised as the best waffle machines in the industry.

Commercial Popcorn Machines Sephra commercial popcorn machines come in two different sizes and are ideal for small to medium commercial use and domestic use.

Commercial Candy Floss Machines We supply the worlds most recognised candy floss machines, known as the most dependable candy floss machines in the industry.

Commercial Beverage Fountains Our Beverage fountain range are capable to serve drinks such as wine, punch, champagne, cocktails, baileys, pimms or spirits.

Commercial Tempering Machines Our innovative chocolate tempering machines are ideal for any business in need of glossy melted chocolate. With touch screen technology and solid stainless steel frames, they are the highest quality tempering machines in the market.

Commercial Cake Pop Maker The Sephra Commercial Cake Pop Maker will produce twenty five cake pops every 3-4 minutes. This high quality machine is perfect for kiosks, buffets and restaurants.

Commercial Chocolate Melters Sephra stock a range of high quality chocolate melters, which evenly distribute the temperature.

Commercial Chocolate Dispensers Sephra Chocolate Dispensers are designed to perfectly mix your desired product whilst gently heating, agitating and maintaining its temperature.

Belgian Fountain Ready Chocolate The industry standard and best fountain ready Belgian chocolate, available in 907g, 2.5Kg and 10Kg bags. Sephra chocolate runs perfectly in chocolate fountains without the addition of oil or cocoa butter. A wonderful blend of the finest ingredients creates a lovely aroma and smooth flavour. Sephra chocolate is ideal for tempering as it has a higher cocoa butter content and therefor glosses easier. The consistency is ideal for dipping and drinking chocolate.

Home Products Sephra have a fantastic range of home products for the whole family. Whether for a special gift or to enable you to make a delicious buffet, We have everything you could possibly need.

And now all our products are available in Lithuania too!

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