Check out the latest addition to our fantastic catering equipment, the Sephra Churros Maker.

Thick, rich chocolate and light crispy Churros have always been a favourite dessert of mine. Dusted in sweet cinnamon, the smell is the first thing that teases your senses and I like most, could easily eat a dozen of them.

The combination is rich and tantalising and surprisingly light. The reason for this is they start out as a dough similar to choux pastry used for cream puffs. As they bake it leaves them crisp on the outside yet very tender and soft in the inside.

The Churros aren’t the only aspect of this dessert that is marvellous. The dipping chocolate has to be thick and rich, with a consistency that is just the right thickness to dip the Churros into, yet still smooth enough to drink when the Churros are all gone.

The best presentation method for this beautiful dessert is to provide your customer with the above. A stunning cup of smooth Belgian milk chocolate, placed to the side of a plate with five or six crispy delicious Churros.

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One thought on “Churros & Chocolate

  1. This is a great way to make Spanish Churro, baking them is much safer, easier and healthier than the traditional fried version.

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