La Fontaine de Chocolat - Chocolate Fountain Hire in London

La Fontaine de Chocolat – Chocolate Fountain Hire in London

Being the preferred supplier of quality chocolate fountain hire in London just isn’t enough for our customers – La Fontaine De Chocolat. Not content with being at the top of the fountain, they’re determined to send your party stratospheric with their range of impeccable, decadent fun party foods. The newest and most original being our authentic Belgian Waffle Maker.

Delivered with delicious authentic Belgian waffle mix, napkins, and a smart attendant, there’s also a range of mouth-watering toppings including rainbow sprinkles, dark chocolate, maple syrup, crushed pistachios, caramel, coconut shavings, strawberry & icing sugar.

But we think the waffles really come into their own when combined with an elegant Sephra brand chocolate fountain. How else can you improve on a mouthful of scrumptious hot waffles, fresh cream and strawberries than with a dip into the finest quality Belgian chocolate? The simple answer is you can’t.

Find out more about how you can turn your party into the event of the year by calling La Fontaine de Chocolat on 0203 151 2469.

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