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Sweet funding deal for Fife Chocolate Fountain Firm

Sephra Europe's customers include Berwick Crêperie Maisies

Sephra Europe’s customers include Berwick Crêperie Maisies

Sephra Europe, the Fife-based supplier of commercial chocolate fountains, has secured £45,000 in fresh funding to tap into new markets.Continue…

La Fontaine De Chocolat – much more than just chocolate fountain hire in London

La Fontaine de Chocolat - Chocolate Fountain Hire in London

La Fontaine de Chocolat – Chocolate Fountain Hire in London

Being the preferred supplier of quality chocolate fountain hire in London just isn’t enough for our customers – La Fontaine De Chocolat. Not content with being at the top of the fountain, they’re determinedContinue…

Waffles on the Rise

Sephra Toasted Marshmallows


Those who have travelled to the United States will be familiar with the popularity of fresh, warm waffles. Not only is it extremely popular for Americans to make home made waffles and stack them with bacon and maple syrup for breakfast or find them drizzling them with melted chocolate, nuts and ice cream for dessert, but you also find waffles on the menus at leading hotels, restaurants, cafes and markets all across America.

Over the last year the popularity of waffles has been rising worldwide, specifically within the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The word waffle being seen on dessert menus throughout the UK was the beginning of the phenomenon and now slowly but surely we have begun to see them creep onto the breakfast menus too.

Self-service waffle makers on buffet breakfast tables within hotels throughout the United States have proven to be extremely successful, and with good reason. Firstly making your own waffles is not only great fun for guests, they also provide an excellent alternative to cereals or a full, cooked breakfast. A light, hot waffle served with a variety of toppings is a great way to start any day.

Sephra provide hotels, cafes, restaurants and kiosks with commercial waffle bakers, available on free to loan agreement if sufficient volumes of ‘just add water’ waffle mix are purchased on an on-going basis – Call the sales team on +44 (0) 1592 656 737 to discuss this offer.

Waffles offer a fantastic profit margin for any catering business, as well as providing their customers with delicious low cost desserts. Sephra just add water waffle mix comes in convenient 3Kg bags and can be easily prepared to order – therefor wastage is almost non-existent.

Sephra 10% Waffle Range Promotion

National Waffle Week

Since it’s national waffle week Sephra have launched a promotion to celebrate. Grab everything waffle related for 10% less!

Salon Du Chocolat

Sephra would like to introduce Salon Du Chocolat, who not only create delicious food, but also create a beautiful chocolate display, be inspired by their wonderful presentation and create your own.

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