Sephra Honeycomb Granules, Dust and Sephra Vermicelli

Sephra Honeycomb Large (7mm-14mm) and Small (2mm-5mm) Coated Granules are delicious golden coloured Honeycomb in mixed shapes and sizes of chunks/pieces. Packaged in a 1.2kg plastic resealable tub our Honeycomb Granules are excellent value and excellent quality. Sephra Honeycomb Granules are perfect for giving a beautiful finishing touch to your creations. Sephra Honeycomb Dust is delicious golden coloured honeycomb in a powdered form. Use them to decorate your Cakes, Cupcakes, Fudge, Brownies, or other baked goodies for a decadent golden luxurious look or sprinkle them over your Ice Cream, Waffles, Crepes, Donuts, or other desserts to give them a tasty gold-like shimmer! For the avid chocolatier these are a great addition to put a crunch inside your Chocolates!

About Honeycomb

Honeycomb Toffee, Puff Candy, Sponge Toffee, Cinder Toffee, Seafoam, or Hokey Pokey is a sugary toffee with a light, rigid, sponge-like texture. Its main ingredients are typically brown sugar (or corn syrup, molasses or golden syrup) and baking soda, sometimes with an acid such as vinegar. The baking soda and acid react to form carbon dioxide which is trapped in the highly viscous mixture. When acid is not used, thermal decomposition of the baking soda releases carbon dioxide. The sponge-like structure is formed while the sugar is liquid, then the toffee sets hard. Honeycomb goes by a variety of names and regional variants.

Sugar Strands & Compound Vermicelli

Sephra Multicoloured Sugar Strands and Dark Chocolate Compound Vermicelli are great options to decorate your baking creations such as Cakes, Cupcakes & Fairy Cakes. They are also perfect for topping a wide range of desserts – sprinkle some over your Waffles, Crepes, Trifles, Ice Cream for that creative cute finishing touch!

They can even be used to top your favourite hot and cold drinks. Try some sprinkled over the cream on top of your Drinking Chocolates or Milkshakes for that extra luxury indulgence.

Sephra Multicoloured Sugar Strands and Dark Chocolate Compound Vermicelli are so versatile – the possibilities are endless!

Sold in a 1kg bags Sephra’s Multicoloured Sugar Strands and Dark Chocolate Compound Vermicelli is excellent value.

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