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Fife Business Matters meets business man David Archer

Fife Business Matters met up with business man David Archer, Managing Director of Sephra Europe with the Self-Service Popcorn Machine

David Archer, Managing Director of Sephra Europe with the Self-Service Popcorn Machine

Fife Business Matters met up with business man David Archer, Managing Director of Sephra Europe Ltd and heard how his love of music led to the creation of an innovative, fun foods company.Continue…

Exploring the physics of a Chocolate Fountain

Exploring the physics of a Chocolate Fountain

Exploring the physics of a Chocolate Fountain

A UCL mathematics student has found that the falling ‘curtain’ of chocolate in a chocolate fountain surprisingly pulls inwards rather than going straight downwards because of surface tension.Continue…

Like & Share to Win a Baby Red Fountain!

Like & Share to Win a Baby Red Fountain!

Like & Share to Win a Baby Red Fountain!


Ideal as a gift or for use at parties and celebrations. A budget level stainless steel chocolate fountain for home / domestic use, has been designed to meet the lower price band that the market demanded, but with the higher quality of other products at this price point.

The Sephra Baby Red Chocolate Fountain is ideal for parties of up to 10 guests, having a chocolate capacity of 900g and a minimum chocolate requirement of only 700g it is very inexpensive to both purchase and run.

A stainless steel base gives it that professional look and feel and dishwasher safe parts makes it quick and easy to clean.

The Sephra Baby Red Chocolate Fountains are far higher quality and give much better performance than the cheaper alternatives available in the high street.

Additional Baby Red Chocolate Fountain Information

  • Heat Resistant Plastic Tiers
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Min Capacity: 700g
  • Max Capacity: 900g
  • CE Certified.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty (not for commercial use)

Shipping / DIM Weight: 2.59kg

How to win the Sephra Baby Red Chocolate Fountain Competition?

All you have to do for this competition is visit either, or both, of our Facebook or Twitter accounts and Like & Share or Retweet our Baby Red post. The competition will run until the end of November when a winner from all entries will be chosen at random…

Good luck!

Children in Need

Making a sweet appearance!


Anyone that watched BBC NI Children In Need would have seen a Sephra Chocolate Fountain making a sweet appearance. A great choice for both children and adults.

Did you know that chocolate has mood-enhancing benefits? That’s right—chocolate makes you happy! This is due to the fact that it contains a stimulant called theobromine and a compound called anandamide. Just what is need to counteract the sadness of children in need.

What a pleasure to be part of this fantastic cause. You just never know where Sephra will turn up next.

The Sephra Team

Sephra Quality

Since the start of Sephra in 2003, we have made it our objective to manufacture the best performing chocolate fountains in the world.

As pioneers in the chocolate fountains industry, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the highest quality, easiest to use and longest lasting chocolate fountains, all at the most affordable prices. We know our customers need professional fountains they can depend on, which is why we proudly offer the best chocolate fountain warranty and service interval in the industry.

We beleive our products reputation in the marketplace now confirms our success in accomplishing our objective.

Great attention to the smallest of details ensures your Sephra chocolate fountain will serve you well for many years.

Many of the quality features are not readily seen or understood by the owner. A good example of this is our patented tier design, that makes it easy to drop the tiers on to the exact location on the centre column, this keeps them perfectly level. Our removable bowl makes our fountains much easier to clean. Whisper quiet motors make our fountains run silently yet powerfully. With an unparalleled level of experience we pride ourselves on our high standards of pre and post sales support.

No matter what advice is required, we are on hand every step of the way.

Commercial Displays

Event Banqueting Displays

National Milk Chocolate Day

Illuminated Surrounds

Sephra have not only endeavored to create the highest quality, best performing chocolate fountains, we also create the highest quality, most functional accessories to compliment any of our commercial chocolate fountains. Sephra has taken time to study all of our products in order to make them the very best they can possibly be.

Our illuminated surrounds, for example, are made from heavy-duty food grade polypropylene. Unlike cheaper alternatives this material will not crack easily on impact.

As well as this Polypropylene is welded instead of glued – this gives your illuminated surround more strength and flexibility. Perhaps most importantly though this is a food grade material unlike the most common alternative. Perspex. It is simple variations like these that set Sephra product apart from our competitors.

Our surrounds all use a colour changing light emitting diode (LED) system. These can be remote controlled giving you the ability to change colour shade, speed and pattern depending on the event.

Our illuminated surrounds include soft carry cases made from heavy weight fabric with reinforced corners. These make your illuminated surround easier to carry, with added protection whilst in storage or transit, as well as creating a professional appearance.

Although they are included with our surrounds, they are also available to buy separately.

Fruit Displays

Sephra manufacture a variety of displays that are perfect to use in order to enhance the appearance of your chocolate fountain, or as an individual centre piece.

You can creatively decorate your fruit display for your event and allow your guests to enjoy it as they please. You can use any fresh fruit that you wish, or even marshmallows, waffles or donuts. Use your imagination to make your display as creative and exciting as you can.

Fountain Topper

Add something special to your Sephra 34 / 44 /54″ commercial chocolate fountain. Our toppers allow you to creatively and professionally decorate your fountain with flowers, figurines or any object. Magnetic objects can also be used on the topper – the possibilities are endless.

Click here to view the full range of Sephra commercial displays.

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