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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Sephra Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Blend two cups of butter, two cups of sugar and two cups of brown sugar together. Add four eggs and two table spoons of vanilla. Mix four cups of flour, five cups of ground oatmeal (measure before grinding), one table spoon of salt, two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of baking powder together. Slowly combine the dry ingredients into the butter, sugar and egg mixture. Blend with a mixer until moist. Fold in 680g of Sephra dark chocolate buttons, 226g of Sephra milk chocolate buttons and three cups or chopped walnuts (optional)


Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes. If you prefer them chewy so i usually take the cookies out when they look slightly underdone and shiny on top. Then once they cool they are chewy rather than crispy or crumbly.

Sephra Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate tastes amazing and requires no additional cocoa butter.

Sephra Summer Sale – Popcorn Maker

Sephra 4oz Popcorn Maker – 25% OFF

Sephra 4oz Popcorn Summer Sale
Sephra are proud to present our commercial range of popcorn machines. Ideal for small to medium commercial and domestic use. The Sephra 4oz Popcorn makers produce popcorn every 3-4 minutes, whilst keeping the popped popcorn warm on the heater deck.

This perfect design allows your customers to be continuously served warm delicious popcorn. The popcorn maker includes a matching cart, however it can also be used without this as a table top popper.

Sephra popcorn machines have a removable tray that collects the un-popped kernels. This feature reduces waste, and is also ideal for cleaning. Our commmercial popcorn machines also come with free accessories – a stainless steel scoop, salt shaker and measuring spoons.

As well as having a set of professional popcorn makers, Sephra also provide a range of popcorn supplies and accessories, these include popcorn boxes, kernels, oils and flavourings.

Sephra are proud to offer you 25% off our 4oz commercial popcorn maker.

Chocolate Fountains

Commercial and Domestic Chocolate Fountains

Sephra Chocolate Fountains

Ever since the beginning of Sephra in 2003, we have made it our goal to produce the best performing chocolate fountains in the world. In order to make the finest chocolate fountains in the industry, we have paid attention to the smallest of details to ensure Sephra chocolate fountains will function for many years.

Features on our chocolate fountains which you wont find on competitor models include our patented tier design and whisper quiet motor.

The Sephra tier design allows you to drop the tiers to the exact location of the centre tube easily, and keeps them completely level. Our competitors tier design includes rubber bands, which run down the centre tube. The bands hold the tiers in place the problem with this design however, is having the ability to level the bands so the chocolate flows over the tier completely. Also imagine retrieving the elastic bands off the centre column when it has been covered in chocolate.

The tallest commercial chocolate fountain in the world stands at an amazing 137 cm. The Sephra CF54RC chocolate fountain also has the unique ability to convert into two smaller fountains. This is perfect for businesses such as rental businesses, which will have a variety of different events. The CF54RC will cater for all these events, enabling the user to change the fountain size depending on the event size.

With an unparalleled level of experience we pride ourselves on our high standards of pre and post sales support. No matter what advice is required, we are on hand every step of the way.

The standard to high quality domestic chocolate fountains the range of fountains we provide cover a variety of needs. Whether you are looking for a chocolate fountain to give as a gift, or your holding a party and wish to dazzle your guests with a warm flowing curtain of chocolate, Sephra will amaze you with there high quality standards.

Illuminated Surrounds

Sephra have not only endeavoured to create the highest quality, best performing chocolate fountains, we also create the highest quality, most functional accessories to compliment any of our commercial chocolate fountains. Sephra has taken time to study all of our products in order to make them the very best they can possibly be.
Our illuminated surround are made from heavy-duty food grade polypropylene. Unlike cheaper alternatives this material will not crack on impact.

As well as this, polypropylene is welded instead of glued – this gives your illuminated surround more strength and flexibility. Perhaps most importantly though is that this is a food grade material, unlike the most common alternative – perspex. It is simple variations like these that set Sephra illuminated surrounds apart from our competitors.

Our surrounds all use a colour changing light emitting diode (LED) system. These can be remote controlled giving you the ability to change colour shade, speed and pattern depending on the event.

Sephra illuminated surrounds include soft carry cases made from heavy weight fabric with reinforced corners. These make your illuminated surround easier to carry, with added protection when in storage or transit, as well as creating a professional appearance.

Although the cases are included with our surrounds, they are also available to by separately.

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Decorated Marshmallows

Decorated Marshmallows – Easy to make, fantastic looking party treats.

Decorated Marshmallows

Make your very own decorated marshmallow pops for your special occasion couldn’t be simpler. Firstly you’ll need the ingredients. Chunky barbeque style marshmallows
chocolate and sticks.

Firstly prepare your marshmallows, skewer three large chunky marshmallows onto each skewer. Once you have the desired amount of marshmallow pops, you should then prepare separate plates with decorations, this can be sprinkles, coconut, chocolate curls, mixed nuts, coloured balls etc.

Once you have your decorations ready, its time to melt your chocolate (if you purchase Sephra Belgian Chocolate, our 907g bag is microwavable) pour your melted chocolate into a bowl and start dipping.

Dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate, making sure that all the marshmallows are completely covered. When the marshmallows have been coated, gently tap the stick to remove the excess, if necessary twirl the pop (upside down) several times to remove quickly.

Now roll your chocolate covered marshmallows into your selected topping. After you have your desired effect, pop them into some floral foam so the chocolate can dry without any dents.

Have some fun tonight and make a inexpensive beautiful treat.

Sephra Ice Cream Cones

Create your own ice cream cones with the Sephra Ice Cream Waffle Maker.

 A great asset to any kiosk, ice cream shop or buffet restaurant.
Sephra ice cream cones

Making your very own waffle ice cream cones couldn’t be easier with the Sephra Ice Cream Cone Waffle Baker and our waffle and crepe ready mix. Simply add water to the waffle mix and then make golden brown, great tasting ice cream cones. Pour the mixture onto the Sephra ice cream cone waffle baker and shut the iron. Remember, home made ice cream waffles don’t have to be perfectly circular and in general, over-cooked waffle cones taste better and stay crispy longer than under-cooked ones.

The waffle should be rolled immediately after removing them from the waffle baker otherwise they will be prone to cracking during rolling. They are extremely hot when they come out the baker, so you make wish to use a towel to assist in rolling, however if you do it quickly you can roll by hand.

Once you’ve rolled your waffle, hold the seal in place, and gently press the tip of the cone to crimp the end to prevent against dripping ice cream. Now you have the perfect home made ice cream cone to fill and decorate as you wish. 

Unique home made edible items like ice cream cones will add an extra edge to your business. Not only do they taste and look great, but if you were to use the Sephra waffle ready mix they will also give you a fantastic profit margin. 

Find out more about the Sephra Commercial Ice Cream Cone Baker
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Buffet Display

A beautiful buffet display by our Spanish distributor Tamara at Chocolate Fontaine.

See what you could do with a Sephra illuminated sound Click here for more information

Salon Du Chocolat

Sephra would like to introduce Salon Du Chocolat, who not only create delicious food, but also create a beautiful chocolate display, be inspired by their wonderful presentation and create your own.

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